Work begins to restore historic monuments at Bannockburn

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Work is now gathering pace onsite at Bannockburn as the extensive work planned to restore the historic monuments is starting this week. The Stirling site is where Robert the Bruce is said to have planted his Standard in a Borestone the night before the battle. Over the centuries, the site has become a place of commemoration and monuments have been added.

The Category A Listed monuments now include the Bruce statue, rotunda and flagpole, which will be restored to their former glory forming an integral part of the battle of Bannockburn project.

A series of conservation, enhancement and remedial works follow extensive historic research and detailed analysis of the building construction of the monuments.

These works will bring the condition of the Borestone Site to a level commensurate with the significance and quality of works created by their respective authors; craftsmen, engineers, architects and sculptor, fitting for the 700th anniversary of the battle that will incorporate sensitive external interpretation to enhance the visitor experience. Carefully planned landscaping works will also be implemented as a fundamental aspect of the project.

This will add further to the setting and restore the dignity of the site. The programme for these works had to be planned to avoid the worst of the winter weather and the end completion date of June 2013. The team from Mansell Construction Services Ltd will be starting on preparatory works to accommodate vehicle access to the monuments on Wednesday 3rd October, with perimeter fencing erected to key areas following shortly after. Please be aware that in order to enable these crucial works, scaffolding will be added, with boundary fences installed to ensure public safety and comply with relevant health and safety legislation.

Details of this will be posted throughout the grounds, providing details of the constraints that will be placed on public access to the monuments. This is a necessary part of our plans to restore the site in time for the 700th anniversary of the battle in 2014.

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