Community Dig

10 Jul 2012

Community volunteers including local Scouts got digging around the Bannockburn site recently in a trial exploration of the grounds.

Around sixty people, from eight years old and up, worked on a 10 metre grid of small excavations to see what might be lying below the surface. Over forty small 50cm2 pits were dug in the Halberts Bog area just to the west of the Rotunda. The soil was then sifted in the hope of finding traces of previous dwellers. This was one of the points where Bruce assembled his troops before the battle.

There were no major discoveries during the dig although examples of 19th century pottery did emerge. However, the Trust’s head of archaeology, Derek Alexander, was delighted at the response from the volunteers:

"Good weather made the task enjoyable, and it was an excellent example of community involvement at the Bannockburn property. I hope that we might be able to repeat the exercise on a larger scale later in the summer."

This was one of several digs taking place around the site ahead of working getting under way on the new visitor centre later this year. Community involvement is a key element of the project, and locals are being encouraged to take part wherever possible.

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