Battle of Bannockburn character search – the chance to become a part of medieval history… in 3D!

29 Oct 2012

A search to find real people from all over the UK to become the faces of 3D characters in the brand new Bannockburn is currently underway!

They will be amongst ten characters from both Robert the Bruce’s and Edward II’s armies who will feature in 3D, in real-life dimensions in the new visitor centre at its ‘Character Stations’, where gesture recognition technology will enable these characters to react to movements and interact with visitors.

The selected volunteers will have their faces ‘scanned’ by the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation (CDDV), the partnership between Glasgow School of Art's Digital Design Studio (DDS) and Historic Scotland, and developed using state-of-the-art 3D technology to become a character in the centre. 

The six characters have been chosen for the search to show the diversity of the people who were swept up in the historic events of the battle and to challenge the perception that Bannockburn was simply Scotland versus England. In reality, a range of nationalities were involved - Scots fought on the English side, while Welsh archers and Irish footsoldiers were important to the English.

Accordingly, the project team are looking to recruit real people to represent a mixture of real and fictional people connected with the battle: 

  • James Douglas (male, age range: 25-35), a Scottish Knight with a personal vendetta against Edward I for killing his father, and one of Robert the Bruce’s trusted lieutenants; 
  • Juliana de Goldingham (female, age range: 20-35), a spy sent to gather information from Stirling to inform the Edward II’s army. Spies were essential to the wars and usually male which indicates a strong female character;
  • John de Coupland (male, age range: 12-16), a Page from Berwick Castle Garrison who has no real experience of the horrors of medieval war and hopes in due course to become a knight himself;
  • A local woman from Stirling (female, age range: 45-55) connected to Robert the Bruce’s camp who supplied ale to the armies on both sides;
  • A Scottish Spearman (male, age range: 35-55) drawn from the better-off peasantry, with a general obligation to serve and determination to protect his land. Morale was high amongst this group who felt confident in their battle tactics; the use of schiltroms or circular formations of spearmen at Bannockburn is famous;
  • A Welsh Archer (male, age range: 35-55), a professional soldier, with almost a mercenary attitude. The English lords ruling in Wales had a duty to provide archers, however the Welsh were bitter against Edward I who had conquered their country in 1282-3. 

To help people identify which of the six characters best represents their personality and the situation they may have found themselves in had they been present during the events of 1314, the “Which Bannockburn Character are You?” quiz has been developed with the aid of the Academic Advisory Panel and can be accessed on: The profiles of the six characters can be found here for more detailed background information.

Applicants are asked to email a photograph of themselves and a short explanation (no more than 250 words) of why they fit the part and would be a suitable ambassador for the Battle of Bannockburn project to

In terms of physical requirements, it is only necessary that applicants meet the gender and age range specified for the character. Subtle details can be added later as part of the 3D modelling process, to authenticate your appearance. The closing date for submissions is 9th November 2012.

Successful applicants will get a behind-the-scenes look at the Battle of Bannockburn project and all travel expenses will be covered.

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