A shine for King Robert!

10 Jul 2012

Local residents were the first to hear news from the Bannockburn Team of plans to restore the Bruce statue.

The 1960s Pilkington Jackson structure will again be seen in its original bronze finish as part of the £9.1m project.

The work, along with the restoration of the rotunda, cairn and flagpole, is an important part of the plan to the revamp the Bannockburn site. It will be part of the main building contract, and mean the end of years of corrosion and decay. The statue was bronze when it was erected and not the green that has become so familiar.

Those at the meeting heard details of progress so far from Project Director, David McAllister, who added that it was crucial to balance the commemoration of the site alongside the telling of the story of the battle. The event was part of the continuing consultation with the local community, which has resulted in some very positive feedback. 

Meanwhile the old building has opened for its final season before demolition in the autumn when the site will begin its transformation. The main contractor will be named soon, and work on the state of the art installation is also progressing well, ready for the opening in 2014 – the 700th Anniversary of the battle.


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