Spring 2019 Lecture Series: Chivalry and Warfare

15 Jan 2019

Spring 2019 Lecture Series

'Well it's not chivalry, but I like it': Chivalry and Warfare in Fourteenth-Century Scotland'

Dr Callum Watson (NTS Battle of Bannockburn)

Tuesday 5th February, 2019 - 7-8pm (doors open from 6.40pm)


During the fourteenth-century conflicts between Scotland and England - and particularly in the First War of Scottish Independence - the Scots famously employed guerrilla tactics in their efforts to maintain the upper hand against their larger, more powerful southern neighbour. In modern histories of the period, this has left the Scots - and especially Robert the Bruce - with a reputation for 'unchivalrous' behaviour, albeit in the pursuit of the lofty goal of freedom. However, the term 'chivalry' could cover a wide range of behaviours in medieval Europe, and near-contemporary Scottish writers had no problem presenting the struggle in chivalric terms. This talkwill explore the ways in which one such writer - John Barbour, Archdeacon of Aberdeen (c. 1330-1395) - sought to emphasise the 'chivalric' nature of Anglo-Scottish conflict and to present King Robert and his chief lieutenants as paragons of chivalry.


Tickets £5 (cash only on the door)

Pre-booking is highly recommended - admission cannot be guaranteed without prior booking. Bookings for The Battle of Bannockburn's Spring 2019 Lecture Series can be made via learningatbannockburn@nts.org.uk or 01786 812 664 - or book online: www.nts.org.uk/visit/places/bannockburn/events

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