Autumn Lecture Series: A Second Battle of Stirling?

19 Sep 2018

‘From the Battlefield to the Headmans Block: A Second Battle of Stirling?’ 

Warwick Louth (Scottish Battlefields Trust/NTS Battle of Bannockburn)

Tuesday 4th December, 2018 - 7-8pm

Whenever we talk about a battle of Stirling, we all too often refer to Wallace’s victory at the Bridge in September 1297. However with its role controlling the central pass from the Ochils to the Highlands, coupled with its role as the central military arsenal in South-West Scotland, the castle itself has been the scene of military activity far beyond the Wars of Independence. This would be no more manifest than September 1648. With the army of the Solemn League and Covenant realing from non-compliance to central agreements made with the English Parliament, treatment of the King without prior consultation, and a crushing defeat at Preston, a lightning strike at Stirling threatened to reignite the War of the Three Kingdoms. But what happened and where is the battlefield? Using cutting edge historical and archaeological research and analysis, Warwick will break down the events, organisation and makeup of the armies involved, as well as exploring lines of archaeological investigation in order to understand how a relatively minor battle at Stirling directly led to the execution of Charles I in January 1649 and would directly influence Anglo-Scottish relations over the next century.

Tickets £5 (cash only on the door)

Pre-booking is highly recommended - admission cannot be guaranteed without prior booking. Bookings for The Battle of Bannockburn's Autumn Lecture Series can be made via or 01786 812 664 - or pop into the centre and talk to a member of staff!

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