Spring 2019 Lecture Series: Remembering Bannockburn

15 Jan 2019

Spring 2019 Lecture Series

'Bannockburn in Popular Memory since 1814'

Dr Laura Harrison - University of Glasgow

Tuesday 2nd April 2019, 7pm (doors open from 6.40pm)


In June 1814, 15,000 people gathered at the site of the Battle of Bannockburn to mark the 500th anniversary, reflecting the growing interest the battle was attracting while the popularity of Scottish history grew more generally in the nineteenth century. Since then the battle has been commemorated by monuments, art and architecture, and portrayed in films, re-enactments and board games. This talk will explore these depictions to understand the role of the battle in modern Scottish popular memory.


Tickets £5 (cash only on the door)

Pre-booking is highly recommended - admission cannot be guaranteed without prior booking. Bookings for The Battle of Bannockburn's Spring 2019 Lecture Series can be made via learningatbannockburn@nts.org.uk or 01786 812 664 - or book online: www.nts.org.uk/visit/places/bannockburn/events

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