Work Experience at the Battle of Bannockburn

Amy (S4 Work Experience Student)

18 Sep 2017

It was because of my love for history and my interest in the Scottish Wars of Independence that I decided to do my S4 work experience at the Battle of Bannockburn. Throughout the week my main goal was to become more confident in talking to new people; I have always been a very shy person and this was something I wanted to change by the end of the week. I also wanted to learn more about the battle itself and the important people involved. I was nervous to start my placement at the centre, but once I started I was made to feel very welcome and at home by the friendly staff.


On my first day at the centre I spent the morning experiencing the exhibition as a visitor. I had been to the centre before with my school so it wasn’t new to me; however I still found this very useful as it refreshed my mind with the information on the battle and prepared me for the school visits I would be taking part in throughout the week. In the afternoon I was introduced to the Visitor Services Team and spent some time learning about the things that are involved in working at the front desk.


I spent my second day at the centre observing a primary school visit. My job was to take notes on pupil and teacher engagement, timings, and the highlights of the visit. I was able to talk to the pupils and work with them as they went through the centre; this was good for me as I got to see the centre from a younger person’s perspective and it helped me become more confident with talking to new people. Watching Francesca delivering a school visit was very beneficial for me as it gave me an idea on the kind of job I want to go into when I leave school; I love history and I really like working with young children so I feel like this job would be perfect for me. Watching the delivery also showed me the different skills I would need for the job.  


 Bann. Art


On Wednesday I watched another school visit this time with another Learning Officer. This was good because I got to see different styles of presenting to children and how each Learning Officer has different ways of doing things. I also found that the school that came in on the second day was very different to the school from the first day. This showed me that each day is different at the centre.


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On my fourth day at the centre I spent the day at the front desk with the Visitor Services Team. I was very nervous about this because I knew that this job would involve a lot of interacting with the public. It didn’t take long for me to overcome my nerves thanks to the kind staff who made me feel very welcome; once I overcame my nerves I realised that it wasn’t as bad as I initially thought and soon began to really enjoy myself. I found this day very useful not only because it boosted my confidence but it also gave me an insight on the different jobs at the centre and showed me how much work goes into making the centre operate smoothly.


On my final day at the Battle of Bannockburn I spent the morning helping to replace the flag at the monument. This showed me the work and effort that goes into maintaining the grounds and making the centre look good for the visitors.


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Overall I am really glad I decided to do my work experience at the Battle of Bannockburn, I had a lot of fun working there and I learned a lot. The week has been very useful for me as I now know the different job opportunities that are available for me when I leave school which is something I was unsure about before starting my placement. Over the five days I definitely became a more confident person as I was constantly being pushed outside my comfort zone. 

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