Volunteers' Week 2018

The Learning Team

04 Jun 2018

Our volunteer team at the Battle of Bannockburn has gone from strength to strength in 2017-18. On Volunteers’ Week 2018, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight a selection of their fantastic work and thank all of them for their sterling efforts throughout the year!

Back in July 2017, the Learning Team developed a new archery class for the summer events programme and we enlisted the help of experienced volunteers Trish and Robbie as our test subjects! They were both naturals at archery - obviously all of their research into medieval weaponry paid off! Here's our Robbie at full-bend and ready to shoot!


Our volunteers were a huge help at events throughout the year, like the inaugural Stoats Creepy Crawl event for Hallowe’en. They helped us manage a range of spooky, family-friendly activities, from Grave Grabbing to Haunted Hoopla! This event also showcased our volunteers’ willingness to leap to our aid in unexpected situations: when someone (not one of our Learning Officers – honest!) accidentally flooded the centre by spilling the Apple Dookin' bucket, all of our volunteers sprang into action to help mop it up!

Later in the year, we held our annual Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and once again our volunteers were an amazing support. This year our trail tasked our visitors with roleplaying as one of Robert the Bruce’s spies at the Battle of Bannockburn. Once they had followed the trail of clues, they were ceremonially knighted by one of Bruce’s attendants, a.k.a. one of our volunteers! Here’s our Elsie knighting one of the successful sneaky-spies!

Weapons Handling (5)

Beyond these seasonal events, our volunteers gave up their time at the weekend to open the doors of our Learning Room, colloquially known around these parts as our Weapons Room! As this suggests, this gives visitors a chance to get “hands on” with replica weapons and armour from the medieval period, providing a vivid sensory experience of what a soldier would wear and use in battle. Our volunteers oversee the handling of these frequently heavy - sometimes pointy - objects, ensuring that this is a fun and safe experience for everyone!

Many of our visitors single out these handling sessions as a true highlight of their whole experience at the Battle of Bannockburn. Bearing in mind all of the impressive 3D computer wizardry we have on show, we think this is a real testament to the passion, and professionalism of our volunteering team! See below for an example of a happy day of weapons handling! 

Weapons Handling (2)

Since June 2017, our volunteers have collectively contributed over 1,100 hours of their time to the Battle of Bannockburn. We cannot thank them enough for all of their efforts and boundless enthusiasm! They make the Battle of Bannockburn a more exciting experience for everyone and truly bring history to life! 

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