Internship Blog: Early Years Provision at Bannockburn

Kristin Hardy

30 Apr 2019

As a master’s student in the Museum Education programme at the University of Glasgow, and a history lover, being able to intern at the Battle of Bannockburn was a great experience. I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about Scotland’s rich history while also developing the early stages of a programme for nursery classes. Having some experience as an educational programmer it was interesting to see how the educators at the centre delivered the programme here. I loved the interactivity of it so much I decided to do my dissertation on it!

It felt good to be able to produce something worthwhile during my short time here, building a programme from the ground up that suited the needs of local nurseries. I really enjoyed being a part of the team as well as experiencing the centre as a visitor. It gave me a much more holistic view of what the centre offered the community. Of course, getting to handle some authentic weapons and armour didn’t hurt either! I would be lying if I said that that wasn’t my favourite part of my time here. Not only getting to try them out myself but also helping visitors discover them as well. I loved seeing the faces of pure excitement when they posed for picture in full knight armour and felt how heavy chainmail really was!

I’m grateful for the opportunity I had here and for the experience I had. I’ll certainly miss the staff and the oddly serene feeling of working in a place surrounded by so much history.

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