A Week's Work Experience at the Battle of Bannockburn

Danielle Murray

20 Apr 2016

It is through my love of travel to different countries along with visiting different tourist attractions that meant I was always interested in the travel and tourism industry from a young age. As I'm currently studying HND Travel and Tourism at Forth Valley College in Falkirk, I decided to undertake my work experience at the Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre which I felt would be a really good opportunity. As the weeks counted down to my placement, my nervous excitement began to grow.  

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When I arrived at the visitor centre, I was given a very warm welcome by the Visitor Services Team who I would be working with on my first day.  This made me start to feel more comfortable at the centre and I felt my nerves begin to go away.  I was given an introduction and tour of the centre before going round the 3D exhibition for the first time which was great! I then spent time shadowing the Visitor Services Team.  When the day finished, I felt very proud of myself at what I had achieved during my first day.

During my second day, I spent the morning observing how visitors interact within the 3D exhibition and assisted a Visitor Services Assistant with guiding the public through the exhibition spaces. I started to feel a confidence boost and felt very comfortable interacting with the customers who had come to the centre to visit for the day, especially when it came to observing a group of French students and teachers as I was able to speak some French to communicate to them which made my second day even better!

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Midweek was busier than usual as I was involved with helping the members of the Learning Team with the Medieval Games Day for family events during the Easter holidays.  It was great fun and I enjoyed helping the children and families get involved with all the games that were taking place.  Towards the end of the week I carried out formal visitor observation within the exhibition using a visitor observation sheet and discussed the results afterwards. The Bannockburn staff were also very happy to tell me all about the different tasks that are included in their jobs which helped me to understand the roles undertaken at a visitor centre.


Looking back on the week, my five days have been wonderful. It has been a rush of excitement and I wish that I could have stayed even longer. This opportunity enabled me to become a valued member of the centre.  It also gave me a chance to explore the attraction, discover aspects of it that I would not normally have fully experienced, and to get more involved with the history. I am so thankful and grateful to the Battle of Bannockburn for giving me this amazing opportunity and I hope to return in the future. 

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