Learn about Bannockburn

In 1314 history was made and the fate of the Scottish nation changed forever

The site, under ownership of NTS, is the spot where Robert Bruce planted his standard and gathered his men to take on the might of the English army led by King Edward II.

The Bannockburn visitor centre is the only place to learn about this historic battle.

Visit our Bannockburn learning website to use the interactive Battlepedia and test your knowledge with a quiz.

School bookings are very popular and sell out approximately eight months in advance; we are now sold out for full day AND half day visits for the 2017/18 academic year. If you would like information on how a school visit works and how you can book a visit details can be found on our learning website.

Robert the Bruce
An early attack by Robert the Bruce

Walk the battleground, guide your own army of medieval soldiers through the 3D simulation and visit the all important Bannockburn; a stretch of water that proved the turning point in the battle.

Discover more about the bloody birth of Scotland.