Behind the Scenes

Developing the Battle of Bannockburn Concept

Chris Walker of Bright White Ltd talks about developing the thrilling concept behind the new Battle of Bannockburn Experience. 


3D motion capture 

Watch behind the scenes footage of reenactors battling it out in motion capture suits. We used the mo-cap data to make the virtual battle scenes as lifelike as possible.


Recording James Douglas

Scottish actor David Hayman provides the voice of the Black Douglas in the new Battle of Bannockburn Experience. See David in action in the recording studio, and hear how his technique works perfectly for the part.



Dr Tobias Capwell reveals the arms and armour of the rich English knight, Humphrey de Bohun. This highly authentic replica armour was specially commissioned for the Battle of Bannockburn Experience. 


Meet the characters of the Battle of Bannockburn

Members of the public were immortalized at the new Battle of Bannockburn Experience, as they were used as a basis for some of the digital characters. Watch them meet and interact with their virtual selves for the first time.


Bannockburn Orientation

Find out what you will happen when you visit the innovative Battle of Bannockburn Experience.