The Bannockburn experience

The Battle of Bannockburn - who wins? You decide...

As part of the Battle of Bannockburn experience, a virtual environment immerses visitors in a compelling and realistic medieval battle.

Focusing on the brutal mechanics of war, it's the tactics and choices of Robert the Bruce and King Edward II that take centre stage in our state-of-the-art battle game.

The experience also explores the stories of the battle, common myths and misconceptions, as well as the wider implications that the battle of Bannockburn had on Scottish history.

Lead your warriors to battle

Prepare for battle
Prepare for battle

Guided by one of our expert 'battlemasters', each visit culminates in visitors either leading their own division of medieval soliders in a dramatic battle simulation or observing a simulation of the battle!

Input from leading experts ensures that our virtual experience is as authentic as it is breathtaking, allowing our visitors to witness the sights and sounds of medieval battle as it would have been in 1314.


The new centre

Re-imagined and re-designed in 2014, the Bannockburn Visitor Centre is inspired by traditional Scottish architecture.

Inside, cutting-edge technology brings the 14th century battle to life for 21st century audiences.

Boasting award-winning catering facilities and more space for educational visits, the visitor centre is a welcoming and accommodating venue for all ages and interests.

The Concept and Design is by Bright White Ltd, 3D Research, Development and Realisation is by CDDV.