Spring Lecture Series: Remembrance of Bruce

27 Mar 2018

'The Remembrance of King Robert the Bruce in Late Medieval Scotland'

Prof. Steve Boardman (University of Edinburgh)

Tuesday 15th May, 2018 - 7pm

The victor of Bannockburn, Robert I, was widely commemorated and remembered in late medieval Scotland, and his legendary status occasionally worked to the disadvantage of the Scottish monarchs who succeeded him. Although Robert's military victories obviously loomed large in the collective memory, his reign was also presented as a benchmark for good government, harmonious social relationships and the rigorous exercise of justice. 

After reviewing the evidence for this widespread celebration of the king's achievements, the talk will examine how, in the fourteenth century, a number of Bruce's former allies, including the Douglases, Stewarts and Randolphs, fought over the king's memory, and sought to portray themselves as the true upholders of Robert's fearsome legacy.         

Tickets £5

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