Spring Lecture Series: James I of Scotland

27 Mar 2018

'A New Brand of Kingship in Scotland? James I and the Perth Charterhouse'

Prof. Richard Oram (University of Stirling) and Dr Lucinda Dean (University of The Highlands and Islands)

Tuesday 24th July, 2018 - 7pm

The murder of James I of Scotland at Perth in February 1437 changed the course of Scottish history. How that is so has long been explored by historians, especially in terms of its political context and the ideas of right to resist, but why James was assassinated and what it meant for the Stewart dynasty, for Perth and for the rest of Scotland has only recently been thrown back into the public spotlight by the Charterhouse Project. This talk by Prof. Richard Oram and Dr Lucinda Dean explores the significance of James I (r. 1406-1437), Scotland’s third Stewart monarch, who spent the first eighteen years of his reign (from age 12 to 30) imprisoned by the English crown, and how this period of imprisonment influenced James’ ideas about kingship.  The talk will examine how James I introduced a new style of kingly government, new forms of royal ritual, new policies, expenditure, diplomacy and, especially, new architectural projects. Many of these shifts in step were made physical in the now lost Carthusian priory at Perth – the so-called Charterhouse - which James founded in 1429, built as an expression of his power, piety and the permanence of his kingship, and his intended mausoleum. Richard and Lucinda will explore what this long-demolished monastery and the destroyed royal tombs perhaps looked like and what might still survive buried at the site. Tales of the murdered king and how he put Perth at centre-stage in Scotland’s history has ignited national excitement; this talk offers an introduction to the stories of James I, his ambitions and the lost monastery that symbolised his kingship.

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