Spring Lecture Series: Dunfermline Abbey GPR Scans

27 Mar 2018

'In Search of Scotland’s Medieval Royal Mausoleum: A Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of Dunfermline Abbey [Part 2]'

Dr Michael Penman (University of Stirling)

Tuesday 17th April, 2018 - 7pm


Dunfermline is Scotland’s equivalent of Westminster or St Denis, a centre for royal burial and the projection of a powerful image of sacral monarchy. Yet little or nothing of that comes through in its current heritage presentation. As part of a project to explore the complexity of this site and, not least, the highly uncertain evidence for the exact location of particular graves, the University of Stirling has deployed GPR scanning through the modern [1818] Abbey Church floor. This talk by Dr Michael Penman will outline the results from their second season of scans.


Tickets £5

Pre-booking is highly recommended - admission cannot be guaranteed without a prior booking. Bookings for The Battle of Bannockburn's Spring Lecture Series can be made via learningatbannockburn@nts.org.uk or 01786 812 664 - or pop into the centre and talk to a member of staff!

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